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What is a typical day like at the Women in Leadership Institute?

Get ready to dive in! The Women in Leadership Institute is not a passive listening environment—we encourage active participation to create a completely immersive learning experience. Your days will be filled with speakers, interactive learning team sessions, and networking opportunities. Your voice as a woman leader is important—and it should be heard, which is why we recommend that you plan to be completely removed from work while on-site. This is your opportunity to focus solely on your personal and professional growth as a leader, so make the most of your time with us.

What is the Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment? Do I need to take this assessment before I experience WIL?

Yes, we encourage all attendees to complete the Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment before they arrive at WIL. Here’s why: As you begin the challenging work of evaluating your leadership abilities and defining goals for yourself, nothing is more valuable than real data.

That’s where the assessment comes in. You will be measured on your proficiency in the six competencies associated with success for women leaders. And, because the assessment is a 360° assessment tool, members of your organization—including those you manage, work alongside, and work for—will have the ability to assess you as well.

This means that you gain some truly invaluable insights into how you rate yourself as a leader and how others perceive you as a leader. Combined, the results will lay the foundation of your time with us at WIL–they will even influence your placement on a learning team and individual learning tracks.

Do I need to complete my Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment by a certain date?

Yes. To customize each attendee’s on-site experience, we must receive your completed online assessment by the date provided in your confirmation email.

Is the curriculum offered at the Women in Leadership Institute based on research?

The Women in Leadership Institute is built on 20+ years of qualitative and quantitative market research In fact, we have worked with more than one million leaders worldwide, and our solutions are 100% research-based, which means they are optimized to deliver measurable and lasting leadership impact. This translates to a truly invaluable conference experience, where women leaders can be assured that the skills and knowledge they will gain are tried and tested—and have real world applications.

I will be assigned a Learning Team. What is that?

Learning Teams are small, facilitator-led groups that meet at designated times throughout the Institute to discuss the content from the sessions. With your Learning Team, you will begin to apply key concepts shared from the mainstage to your own role and personal experience as a leader.

How are Learning Teams created?

Prior to the event, you will complete the Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment, providing us with key insights into your strengths, weaknesses, areas of opportunity, and leadership style. Your assessment data, as well as your biographical information (title, function, and years of experience), is used to build Learning Teams which are designed to promote the highest level of collaboration and interaction.

Will I be in a Learning Team with colleagues from my organization?

It depends. Some organizations send an intact team of women leaders to the Institute and request to keep them together for the duration of the on-site experience, while other organizations elect to have attendees experience the Institute as individual leaders. There are benefits to both options. Intact teams can experience the Institute through the lens of their individual organization and team, while organizations that choose to have team members dispersed across many Learning Teams benefit by exposing their leaders to a diverse group of women from different industries, with a variety of experiences and viewpoints.

If you are attending the event on your own, separate from an organization, you will be assigned to a Learning Team which best matches your leadership style, goals, and background.

What is the dress code?

Business casual. We recommend that attendees wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers, as the day’s program will move between rooms and the temperature can vary.

I have dietary restrictions. How can I receive accommodations?

We are happy to adapt meals and snacks whenever possible. Please notify customer service if you or someone in your party has special dietary needs or restrictions. Please also identify yourself to a member of the wait staff on-site at each meal.

I am an executive coach and I’m interested in serving as a facilitator at the Women in Leadership Institute. How can I learn more?

Facilitators are professional coaches with 10+ years of experience leading small and large groups of coachees, with special experience working women and underrepresented groups. If you feel this matches your qualifications, email us at info@linkageinc.com.

Frequently Asked Questions from talent development, diversity and inclusion, and human resources professionals

My organization is looking to bring a large group of women leaders to the Institute. Is this possible?

Yes. We partner with many organizations each year as they select or nominate women leaders to participate. Teams vary in size, from 5 to 100+, depending on the goals and needs of your organization. We work closely with organizations to customize the event experience for large cohorts of women leaders from the same organization or division, and the feedback is unanimous—women leaders who attend as a member of a large cohort report feeling better connected to their co-workers and more engaged with their teams when they return to the office.

How can I extend the benefits of the Women in Leadership Institute beyond the group of attendees my organization sends to the event?

Consistent, differential investment in the development of women leaders is a journey, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions designed to accelerate women leaders after they leave the Institute. Expand upon your WIL experience by choosing from a variety of solutions, including the Advancing Women Leaders Academy, which allows for on-site or online learning for an additional cohort women leader at your organization, or coaching sessions for individual women leaders. Our coaching options add rigor and focus to the development process—and give your leaders an objective counsel to help them successfully navigate the day-to-day challenges of leading.

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