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Leading Across Difference

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Experience Inclusive Leadership Development at GILD

Customize the GILD experience by joining the “Leading Across Difference” Learning Team. Facilitated by leadership strategist and political commentator Kwame Jackson, this optional Learning Team is designed to empower leaders with the unique skillset they need to manage effectively across generational, ethnic, racial, or gender, or other identity lines.

Leading Across Difference Learning Team participants will:

  • Attend “Leading Across Difference: Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce,” an exclusive 60-minute session on workforce demographic trends, including an examination of the communication styles and work habits of baby boomers, gen X, and millennials
  • Experience a private, 30-minute Q&A with keynote speaker Carla Harris, a trailblazing leader who will share keen insights on how she leads across difference, and how she fosters an environment that values inclusivity
  • Examine the important topics covered at GILD through an inclusion lens, with expert guidance and advice from Learning Team Leader Kwame Jackson

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